Corporate Governance and Best Practices

BPE Partners’ investment process is overseen by four dedicated committees and governed by high standards for internal systems and controls

The Operating Committee evaluates the firm’s investment opportunities by analyzing each company and management and identifying potential risks and rewards. This committee is responsible for initial company valuations, as well as preliminary transaction structuring and consideration of potential exit strategies.

The Investment Committee makes recommendations to the General Partners after reviewing each potential investment case; Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) findings; and Value Creation Plan. Critical success factors and pricing are considered in this committee, as are due diligence findings, risk mitigation and potential hedging strategies.

The Monitoring Committee conducts a periodic review of portfolio company performance against the original Value Creation Plan. It is also responsible for monitoring ESG standards on an ongoing basis; analyzing expansion opportunities, including potential acquisitions; and preparing exit strategies.

The Advisory Committee importantly provides counsel to the General Partners on corporate governance issues. The members are responsible for reviewing and modifying the firm’s investment strategy and identifying and resolving potential conflicts of interest. While not involved in the investment decision making process, they are resources for discussion on valuations.

Responsible Investing

Our firm was among the first financial institutions in Egypt to recognize the importance of integrating environmental and social practices into the principles that govern all aspects of our business and portfolio companies

BPE Partners understands the role of responsible investing in creating a positive sustainable impact. We work hard to position the companies in which we invest for sustainable growth that not only supports their local communities, but also has the impact of strengthening the overall economy and contributing meaningfully to job creation.

We have developed an Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) Manual that we use as a fundamental tool in analyzing the risks and opportunities in our portfolio companies. We look to maximize both our financial and social returns by integrating ESG standards into our investment process at every stage, from initial screening to exit. Our management uses these guidelines to evaluate ESG issues related to our own business, and we encourage our portfolio companies to embrace them. These disciplines have broad application to business decision making, from determining when specialist expertise is required to establishing reporting mechanisms to boards, investors and the public.

At BPE Partners, we are always working to improve the environmental, social and corporate governance aspects of our business and portfolio companies. Applying international ESG standards, most notably those used by Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) is the road map for conducting business in a highly ethical manner to deliver strong financial performance.

Corporate Social Responsibility

BPE Partners works closely with the management of its portfolio companies to support their local communities

Giza Systems

  • Established Giza Systems Education Foundation (GSEF), one of the very few non-profits in Egypt leveraging technology and its applications to impact education, youth, marginalized groups and the environment.
  • Giza Systems Education Foundation, with support from Drosos Foundation, launched Project Nitrous. Under the slogan “Innovation that changes lives”, the project leverages digital technologies to develop assistive tools for persons with disabilities (PWDs) and empowers them to revolutionize the products they use to make them highly customizable to suit their individual needs.
  • Launched initiative utilizing digital fabrication technology to provide doctors and hospitals with face shields to support in their preparedness and responsiveness to COVID-19.
  • Providing business and technical mentorship to students in collaboration with Enactus Egypt and other student organizations.
  • Supporting Wataneya Association in Forsa program aimed to build capacity of young orphans by helping them acquire necessary skills for the job market.
  • In addition to its internal recycling initiatives and to raise environmental awareness, Giza Systems created the ‘EcoChic’ brand for products manufactured from discarded vinyl posters; this initiative also generates income for the disadvantaged women who manage the production.


  • Developed the “Gourmet Going Greener” initiative which aims to reduce one-time use of plastic in its stores and factories by 20% by the end of 2021 through using biodegradable and reusable shopping bags as well as alternative packaging solutions.
  • Supported Ahl Masr NGO in their continuous efforts to collect donations to support national isolation hospitals with protective equipment for doctors and nurses treating Covid-19 patients.

Madinet Masr

  • Developed social welfare programs for its local communities, with investments ranging from road paving and garbage collection to landscaping and sidewalk painting.
  • Revitalized Nasr City through enhancing the aesthetics of the surrounding area to create more parks and green spots, as well as improving the traffic flow and adding parking.

Total Egypt

  • Launched ‘Startupper of the Year by Total’ Challenge, a contest to identify, reward and develop the top projects in enterprise creation or development in Egypt. Winning projects are given financial support and coaching from Total Egypt.
  • Launched the first fuel service station in Egypt to employ women as part of its Women in the Workforce Empowerment Program.
  • Committed to the environment and fighting climate change by introducing solar power stations to the Egyptian market, with 15 stations currently equipped with solar panels and more to come online in the following years.
  • Preserving the environment through partnering with “Go Clean” to recycle paper, plastic and carton waste from its head office and several stations in Cairo and Giza. Additionally, Total Egypt is selling recycled products through its stations to raise awareness about responsible shopping through its partnership with “Up Fuse”.