Our Approach

Developing partnerships to drive growth and profitability in all our investments

Our firm is built on a strong foundation of both human and financial capital. BPE Partners is supported by 15 investment and support professionals, with more than 30 decades of combined experienced, who bring a wealth of industry expertise in key growth sectors. Our seasoned, on-the-ground management team has extensive experience in the local market and deep understanding of the challenges facing the companies in which we invest. As long-time and well-respected members of the Egyptian investment community, BPE Partners has been able to build strong brand equity in the market that makes the firm a partner of choice for target companies and advisors.

At BPE Partners, our strategy involves working as partners with the management of our portfolio companies and leveraging all of the resources of our human capital. Our work begins with a stringent screening and filtering process to identify best-in-class opportunities. This is followed by thorough analyses of all aspects of a potential investment candidate’s business, from management experience and track record to growth prospects in its industries and markets. We work with all target companies to develop a Value Creation Plan before closing any transaction. Once invested, we work closely with our portfolio companies’ management teams to develop the detailed operational, financial and strategic plans that will drive their growth and profitability. We have a wealth of in-house expertise to strengthen and expand their operations, whether that is advice on implementing corporate governance standards or making a transformational acquisition, introducing an add-on product, or entering a new regional market. Our hands-on approach is key to maximizing the value in Egypt’s most promising companies, as well as mitigating investment risk.