Cairo Kidney Center

Established in 1987 by world-renowned nephrologist Dr. Rashad Barsoum, Cairo Kidney Center is an Egypt-based specialized medical institution operating in the nephrology field and focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases. The company operates a leading kidney disease care hospital, providing comprehensive quality services to patients including kidney dialysis, kidney transplants, outpatient clinics, inpatient accommodation, surgery theatres, ICU, laboratories, and medical imaging.

Cairo Kidney Center began the expansion of its kidney dialysis business by establishing and operating kidney dialysis satellite centers across different geographies in Cairo and other governorates throughout Egypt. Currently, it operates up to 56 kidney dialysis units; 16 outpatient facilities that offer both single-room accommodation and shared wards within Cairo Kidney Center’s downtown hospital and 40 units spread among the different satellite centers including El-Gouna Hospital in the Red Sea governorate.

InpatientOutpatientKidney DialysisSatellite Centers
  • 23 beds
  • 2 dialysis machines
  • Surgical theaters
  • ICU
  • Laboratory
  • Medical imaging
  • Hospitality services
  • Pharmacy
  • 4 specialist clinics run by renowned physicians
  • 1 general clinic open 24 hours
  • 16 dialysis units that have a capacity of 3 sessions per day
  • Single room dialysis sessions (5 units) and shared units in wards (11 units)
  • Maadi Kidney Center (Jan. 2013); 13 units
  • Heliopolis Kidney Center (Feb. 2015); 11 units
  • October Kidney Center (May 2015); 12 units.
  • El Gouna Hospital kidney dialysis department (2000); 4 units