Arabiyya Isthmaraat (AIND) started out as an international construction company and was one of the first companies of its kind to become publicly listed in the Middle East. Over the years AIND has transformed into an investment holding company with a diverse investment portfolio in key sectors including automotive and transportation, engineering, building materials, and financial services. In 2015, BPE Partners became the company’s largest shareholder and signed a management agreement with AIND to manage the company and its portfolio companies.

Financial ServicesAutomative & TransportationEngineering & Building Materials
  • Delta Investments
  • Nuun Fund Services
  • Upper Egypt for Leasing
  • Rawaj for Auto Loans
  • Cairo for Development & Car Manufacturing “Peugeot”
  • CRC Limousine for Transportation
  • Toblat for Building Materials
  • Egypt for Electro Mechanical Projects “Kahromika”