October 3, 2022

BPE Partners announces that its Flagship-managed Investment Vehicle “B Investments” has completed the Sale of its stake in Giza Systems at a total Equity Valuation of USD 119 million

BPE Partners is pleased to announce that its flagship-managed investment vehicle “B Investments” has finalized the sale of its entire stake (economic interest of 44.7%) in Giza Systems to Solutions by STC, a subsidiary of Saudi Telecommunication Company (STC), at a total Equity Valuation of c. USD 119 million. It is noteworthy to mention that B Investment is invested in Giza Systems through its subsidiary Inergia Technologies and accordingly, B Investments owns an economic interest of 44.7% in Giza Systems.

“We are very pleased to have been a partner in Giza Systems’ success story” stated Mr. Hazem Barakat, Chairman of BPE Partners and B Investments. “This transaction marks an important milestone for B Investments. Achieving another successful exit further demonstrates our ability to realize the intrinsic value of our assets for our shareholders.”

“We are glad to have led one of the few management buyout transactions in Egypt”, added Mr. Mostafa El-Anwar, Chief Executive Officer of BPE Partners. “This transaction clearly demonstrates that strong partnerships between private equity capital and competent management teams create long-term value for all stakeholders. We backed the vision of a passionate management team that transformed a local company into a regional champion. We wish Giza Systems and its executive management, led by Mr. Shehab El-Nawawi, all the success in their next chapter.”

During the investment period, BPE Partners, through a series of value-added strategies, supported management in growing and transforming the business. Today, Giza Systems is present in 15 countries, employs over 1,400 full-time employees and has an annual turnover north of EGP 5 billion.

– End of Press Release –

About B Investments

Established in 2006, B Investments is an Egypt-based private equity firm and growth capital investor that pulls a wealth of expertise to actively create value in its portfolio companies.

The company’s portfolio investments include Madinet Nasr for Housing and Development (MNHD), TOTAL Energies Egypt, Giza Systems, Ebtikar for Financial Investment, Basata Holding, Gourmet, and Infinity Solar Assets (3 solar power generating assets in Benban, Egypt).

B Investments is committed to unlocking value in companies through partnerships that will help create jobs and contribute to the growth of the Egyptian economy.


About B Healthcare Investments

B Healthcare Investments was established in 2021 and is B Investments’ specialized healthcare investment arm. The company’s investments strategy focuses on investing in leading Egyptian specialized healthcare companies. B Healthcare Investments’ authorized capital currently stands at EGP 1 billion.

About The Egyptian IVF Center

The Egyptian IVF Center is one of the first two fertility centers in the region, a project undertaken in 1986 by world renowned gynecologists Prof. Mohamed Aboulghar, Prof. Gamal Serour and Dr. Ragaa Mansour. As Egypt’s first fertility facility, its highly skilled team has gained unparalleled experience in treating various fertility problems and contributed to international research in reproductive medicine; hence, the Egyptian IVF Center attained an international reputation and has been attracting patients from all over the world.

The facility has been helping thousands of families in Egypt and worldwide for almost three decades. Furthermore, the company’s facility does not only provide the knowledge and expertise of its prominent physicians but operates at high technological and ethical standards. Strategically located in Maadi, Cairo, the facility is accessible to patients travelling from all over the country. The company’s staff includes pioneers in the field of IVF as well as a team of a 119 talented and trained medical personnel. The Egyptian IVF Center’s services vary from consultation, offering advice and explanations to full medical intervention.